The Best Crispy Fried Potatoes …

I par boil diced red potatoes in water that has been generously seasoned with garlic salt. 

The potatoes will absorbed the flavor while boiling. 

Just before they are fork tender … I take them off the stove … drain them … and put them back in the hot pot.

I turn the flame on low and stir the potatoes frequently. 

You want to dry them as much as possible.  

That’s the key to good browning. 

And we all know … browning is flavor! 

If they have any moisture on them … the potatoes will steam and won’t brown up. #AltonBrown 
And since they have been par boiled … you can fry them up quicker at a higher temperature (using bacon grease of course). They will get nice and crispy on the outside and be soft in the middle. 

I chop an onion into large and small pieces so they will cook to different flavors & textures … I love the just done texture & flavor of onions … and also the charred smoky crispy bits. 

I heat a cast iron skillet with bacon grease to med. high.  

When it’s nice and hot … I add the diced potatoes & onions … spreading them out to get as much skillet contact as I can. 

Leave them alone for 3 minutes! 

This is where the magic browning happens! 

Don’t be tempted to stir them around! 

You will be mad at yourself. 

After 3 minutes … turn the potatoes and onions over. 

Don’t be like me on a bad OCD day … and try to make sure each one is turned! The majority will be fine! 

Let them sit for another 3 minutes. 

Now it’s a matter of just checking on them every few minutes until you get to the crispy doneness you want. 

Add the Rosemary during the last few minutes. 






Flavor Boost for The Best Ham & Green Beans … 

Instead of just using a ham steak right out of the package for your ham, green beans, corn & potatoes … brown it up real nice first in a cast iron skillet! 

All of that “brown” is easy flavor! 

Here’s how I make mine. 

Not rocket science on measurements … 

I happen to use a big can of green beans … one can of Summer Crisp corn … diced up red potatoes … a hand full of chopped onions … and the star of the show … diced up browned ham!

I throw everything right in one pot … BTB~RTS * 

Simmer until the potatoes are “just” done or to your liking. 

The browned ham will add a depth of flavor and make it taste like you simmered it all day!






Ps. I made ham gravy once with the nasty ham juice in the package … not bad really! 

Need it twice? Chop it once. 

I knew I was making ham, green beans, corn & potatoes for supper tonight and then fried potatoes for Sunday Brunch tomorrow.  

Sooo … I always use Rachael Rays tip … Need it twice? Chop it once. 

I diced up all of my red potatoes … threw some in my ham & green beans and then par boiled the rest for tomorrows Brunch. 

I also chopped up a whole onion … dropped a handful in the ham & green beans and saved the rest for the fried potatoes tomorrow.