I Made Market Bags for my GDO girls! 

When I was checking out the new fabric at Pat Catan’s … I found this “Jarred Vegetables” and “Asparagus” fabric! 

I knew I had a Farmer’s Market GDO coming up …. and the light bulb went off!

I decided to make all of us a Market Bag!

I watched the YouTube video “Basic Lined Tote Bag ~ by Whitney Sews” for instructions.

She shows you in literally 5 minutes … how to make this bag and with very clear instructions. 

The great thing is you can customize these bags any way you want. 

You can make them any size and use any fabric.

I added fusible interfacing to both the main fabric and lining to give the bag more structure. You can see that the bag stands up on its own. 

The bags were a hit and we had a great Girls Day Out!




DIY Magical Spray Bottle

First I bought a little spray bottle at Walmart for 99 cents. Then I drew the design I wanted with a Sharpie.

I traced over the design with a hot glue gun, let it dry and painted the whole thing black.

Next I painted over the black with a cream color (linen to be exact) and sanded it lightly so the design would show through, then wrapped the top with twine and hot glued that in place.

It’s filled with one of my favorite “elixirs” Lemongrass Essential Oil and witch hazel.

Spiritual Properties: Balance, Calm, Uplifting

Magical Properties: Love, Psychic, Repels

I’m sure I’ll find some charms and do-dads to add when I’m digging through my little treasure box of assorted odds & ends and needful things …



I Made a Little White Robe 

I wanted a little white robe … so I made one.

First I drew up my “design”. Then I bought 3 towels at Goodwill when my Mom & I went on our Thelma & Louise day out.

I sewed the towels together lengthwise, folded that in half and cut out a hole for my head.

Darn! I forgot to take a picture, but I laid one of my little t-shirts on top of that and used a Sharpie to mark my seams.

After I sewed the arm & side seams … I trimmed off the excess, cut the front panel down the center and zigzagged the raw edges. I zigzagged one of my 15 hair ties I wear as “jewelry 🙂” on my wrist for my button loop. 

Bonus! I didn’t have to worry about finishing the arm or bottom hems!

Oh … and by coincidence … I happened to pick one towel with a border, so I sewed that in the middle to add a design to the sleeves.

It’s not Pinterest Perfect … but I Love it!

It cost me 6 bucks!