About moonshinespirit

Hi, I'm Cheryl ~ Welcome to my Energy Center I'm a Motivational Speaker and Life Coach... if only to myself. 16 years ago my life started to spiral out of control. Within a span of 2 years, I experienced ... My Second Divorce Bankruptcy Foreclosure Lost my job Lost my house Got a new job My Mom had a stroke on my Bday!! 9-11 happened the next day!! I moved 3 times I suffered from Depression I had Suicidal thoughts ... and one failed attempt ... On top of all of that ... add the bullshit & drama that goes along with it! I couldn't believe the depth of pain I felt ... It actually hurt to breath because of the unbearable pain deep in my core ... deep in my soul. If you have never felt that pain ... you can't even imagine. And I pray you never will. If you have felt that pain and made it through ... you know what I'm talking about! You are a Survivor! And if you are feeling that pain now ... if you feel you can't possibly survive another day of feeling lost and out of control ... KNOW THIS ... you. will. survive. Believe it or not, during those life shattering 2 years of my life ... I somehow managed to keep it together enough to go to school & classes and get certified in ... Masage Reiki Reflexology Bartending (for shits & giggles) I attended countless other classes & workshops including ... Spirituality Aroma Therapy Energy Meridians Chakras Stress Management Meditation Making Chocolate! Making herb vinegar Gardening Bread Making Etc. etc. ... I don't have a Magic Pill to give you to help you make it through ... all I can do is tell you this ... trust that you are worth it ... have faith you will get through this ... and never give up on yourself. You are a Survivor! If I can do it ... #My❤️isHappy! #IneverGaveUp #YouCanCreateYourOwnLife #IfYouHaveFaithTheSizeOfaMustardSeedNothingWillBeImpossible