About moonshinespirit

Hi, I'm Cheryl ~ Welcome to my Energy Center I'm a Motivational Speaker and Life Coach... if only to myself. I'm 50 something, very happily married, have a super family & a great job. I love my life. I have OCD, ADHD and I'm so Dyslexic I forget which hand to put my fork in! I dream BIG, I'm over the top, I talk too much, drink too much, I'm a nudist and I just want to be a hippie. I've been lied to, cheated on, divorced 2 times, bullied at work (that was really hard on me) ~~~ and I have a juvenile & weird sense of humor. Through prayer & meditation I have found true inner peace & joy! Ok... it wasn't easy... I had to practice a lot. And still do. ~~~ Spirit always brings you the right person at the right time ~~~