Hi, I’m Cheryl ~ Welcome to my Energy Center

Where my many personalities emerge …

I’m a Motivational Speaker and Life Coach … if only to myself.

I’m 60 something, very happily married, have an amazing family and have a great job!

I also have OCD, ADHD and I’m so Dyslexic I forget which hand to put my fork in! I dream HUGE, I’m over the top, I talk too much and drink too much wine. I’m a nudist, a Martha Stewart wanna be and a hippie at heart.

I’ve been lied to, cheated on, divorced 2 times, filed bankruptcy, been Foreclosed on …. and I’ve had serious thoughts of suicide (more than once).

~~~~ So basically, I’ve been through (and survived!) a lot of shit.

Through God/Spirit, prayer and meditation… I have found true inner peace and joy!

I hope to inspire you to find the same.

*if I can do it ~ you can do it*


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