The Best Crispy Fried Potatoes …

I par boil diced red potatoes in water that has been generously seasoned with garlic salt. 

The potatoes will absorbed the flavor while boiling. 

Just before they are fork tender … I take them off the stove … drain them … and put them back in the hot pot.

I turn the flame on low and stir the potatoes frequently. 

You want to dry them as much as possible.  

That’s the key to good browning. 

And we all know … browning is flavor! 

If they have any moisture on them … the potatoes will steam and won’t brown up. #AltonBrown 
And since they have been par boiled … you can fry them up quicker at a higher temperature (using bacon grease of course). They will get nice and crispy on the outside and be soft in the middle. 

I chop an onion into large and small pieces so they will cook to different flavors & textures … I love the just done texture & flavor of onions … and also the charred smoky crispy bits. 

I heat a cast iron skillet with bacon grease to med. high.  

When it’s nice and hot … I add the diced potatoes & onions … spreading them out to get as much skillet contact as I can. 

Leave them alone for 3 minutes! 

This is where the magic browning happens! 

Don’t be tempted to stir them around! 

You will be mad at yourself. 

After 3 minutes … turn the potatoes and onions over. 

Don’t be like me on a bad OCD day … and try to make sure each one is turned! The majority will be fine! 

Let them sit for another 3 minutes. 

Now it’s a matter of just checking on them every few minutes until you get to the crispy doneness you want. 

Add the Rosemary during the last few minutes. 







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