Flavor Boost for The Best Ham & Green Beans … 

Instead of just using a ham steak right out of the package for your ham, green beans, corn & potatoes … brown it up real nice first in a cast iron skillet! 

All of that “brown” is easy flavor! 

Here’s how I make mine. 

Not rocket science on measurements … 

I happen to use a big can of green beans … one can of Summer Crisp corn … diced up red potatoes … a hand full of chopped onions … and the star of the show … diced up browned ham!

I throw everything right in one pot … BTB~RTS * 

Simmer until the potatoes are “just” done or to your liking. 

The browned ham will add a depth of flavor and make it taste like you simmered it all day!






Ps. I made ham gravy once with the nasty ham juice in the package … not bad really! 


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