My life was crumbling ~ and being built at the same time …

I just didn’t realize it at the time. 

16 years ago my life started to spiral out of control. Within a span of 2 years, I experienced …

My Second Divorce 



Lost my job

Lost my house

Got a new job

My Mom had a stroke on my Bday!!

9-11 happened the next day!!

I moved 3 times 

I suffered from Depression

I had Suicidal thoughts … and one failed attempt …

On top of all of that … add the bullshit & drama that goes along with it! 

I couldn’t believe the depth of pain I felt … It actually hurt to breath because of the unbearable pain deep in my core … deep in my soul. 

If you have never felt that pain … you can’t even imagine. And I pray you never will. 

If you have felt that pain and made it through … you know what I’m talking about! You are a Survivor! 

And if you are feeling that pain now … if you feel you can’t possibly survive another day of feeling lost and out of control … KNOW THIS … you. will. survive.  

Believe it or not, during those life shattering 2 years of my life … I somehow managed to keep it together enough to go to school & classes and get certified in …




Bartending (for shits & giggles)

I attended countless other classes & workshops including …


Aroma Therapy

Energy Meridians


Stress Management


Making Chocolate!

Making herb vinegar 


Bread Making

Etc. etc. …

I don’t have a Magic Pill to give you to help you make it through … all I can do is tell you this … trust that you are worth it … have faith you will get through this … and never give up on yourself. 

You are a Survivor! 

If I can do it … 






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