I Made a Little White Robe 

I wanted a little white robe … so I made one.

First I drew up my “design”. Then I bought 3 towels at Goodwill when my Mom & I went on our Thelma & Louise day out.

I sewed the towels together lengthwise, folded that in half and cut out a hole for my head.

Darn! I forgot to take a picture, but I laid one of my little t-shirts on top of that and used a Sharpie to mark my seams.

After I sewed the arm & side seams … I trimmed off the excess, cut the front panel down the center and zigzagged the raw edges. I zigzagged one of my 15 hair ties I wear as “jewelry 🙂” on my wrist for my button loop. 

Bonus! I didn’t have to worry about finishing the arm or bottom hems!

Oh … and by coincidence … I happened to pick one towel with a border, so I sewed that in the middle to add a design to the sleeves.

It’s not Pinterest Perfect … but I Love it!

It cost me 6 bucks!





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