Over Seeding Experiment for my Bee Garden: 33 plants for less than $5

I’m going to start a “Bee Garden” this Spring.  

Bees love Thyme & Oregano.

Typically, when you grow an “Herb Garden” for culinary use … you want to keep the plant trimmed down and not let it bloom or flower so the flavors will concentrate in the leaves for a more intense flavor.  

However, when the garden is for Bees … you don’t trim the Herbs back, but let them bloom. That way the bees will get the tasty nectar from the flowers.

Instead of paying $3 – $4 for individual plants … I’m growing them myself using the over seeding method.

You put 20 – 30 seeds in each cell.

I ended up with 9 plants each of Thyme & Oregano … 18 plants for a total of $2.68!

I also decided to try Cilantro at the same time … so I can freeze it for winter! (can we say Pico de Gallo) 

I ended up with 15 Cilantro plants for $1.34.

So … that is a Grand Total of 33 plants for $4.02 (plus the start off cost of the reusable seed tray for $5 at Walmart and potting soil that I already had)!

Wow! Can’t wait to see how things turn out! 

I followed the tips from “Three Minute Garden Tips: Growing Thyme & Oregano Indoors” ~ Gary Pilarchik on YouTube.


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