DIY Silicone Molds … Success!

These Silicone molds were really easy to make.


There are a ton of “recipes” for these on Pinterest …


I ended up just using a tube of clear Silicone, corn starch and Canola oil.


After I made the molds … I used Sculpey Oven-Bake Clay to make my little “do dads”.


A few hints & tips:


* The smell is really really bad! Next time … I’ll wait until I can go outside and mix this up!


* Mix in a container you can throw away when you’re done … it took forever to clean the stuck on gunk from my favorite little monkey bowl.


* Make sure you have a full drink before you begin kneading … you won’t be able to touch ANYTHING because your hands will be very sticky and gunky … keep adding a little corn starch at a time to your fingers.


Other than that …. these are really easy and fun to make.


Thanks Pinterest!


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