Bankruptcy and Third Marriages 


So if you’re among those calling Donald Trump out for his “personal failings” … 
ie: Filing Bankruptcy and on his third marriage. 
You are also including me!
And that kinda pisses me off.


I filed Bankruptcy and this is my Third Marriage. 
And I don’t consider myself a failure by any means. 
I’m assuming that all of you yammering your opinions are still happily married to your high school sweethearts and have never had a financial crisis to deal with.


Well … good for you.


I was dealt a different hand.


My first marriage … he left me.


My second marriage … I left him.


(That makes it even right!)


My THIRD marriage … THE BEST EVER! *third time IS a charm*
I’m GLAD this is my THIRD marriage!


You could say, I made my “personal failures” work for me. 


Oh and BTW …


We’re getting ready to celebrate the 13th year of our First Date!


#StillHotinTheSack! #Oops! #TMI? #hehehe 


I call Bullshit on Being Politically Correct


Everybody seems to have their panties bunched up in their ass cracks over Political Correctness.

I still say Mailman and Fireman.

And when someone says “I went to the Dr.” … I picture a guy.

So sue me.

I’m old.

I can’t keep up with who I might or might not offend.

And I really don’t care anymore.

Because … I would never offend anyone on purpose.

For instance …

I would never blatantly call someone a fat ass to their face.

But nobody seems to care about being Politically Correct when someone makes a rude and crude comment to a Thin Person!

Case in point:

I was only a few weeks into a new job when we had an off-site meeting.

One of the girls had a van and offered to drive several of us.

As we gathered around the van … the driver looked at me, with obvious disdain, and said kinda snotty … “You can climb your skinny ass in the back.”

Another girl offered her 2 cents worth with a… “tsk … must be nice”.

Well, as a matter of fact, … NO! It isn’t!

It isn’t nice being an “easy target” … to be sneered at … glared at … have people say, right in my face … “Ugh! I hate people like you!” “You eat like a rabbit.” “You make me sick!” “My God… do you even eat?” “You can climb your skinny ass in the back.”

Now … let’s flip this around.

What if, instead, I would have said … kinda snotty to the driver … “It’s a good thing you’re driving .. obviously your fat ass won’t fit in the back”.



Everyone would have pissed their pants right in the parking lot!

They would be screaming … “I can’t believe she had the nerve to say that!” “How rude!” “How insensitive!”  

And suddenly … I would have been a bully for picking on the fat girl.

I would have been sent off to a How to be Politically Correct class or some Bullshit sensitivity training.

But yet … I’m fair game for you to be openly rude to?

Because I’m thin?


What’s up with that?

So I call Bullshit on being Politically Correct.

Thanks anyway.



Piss Poor Management ~ When Management is an Epic Fail

When Management can’t effectively “Lead” their employees … they rely on Policies and Procedures (P&P’s)

Example … Certain employees who are chronically late, don’t follow the dress code, yada, yada …

Instead of addressing those particular employees with Leadership …

Management implements P&P’s out the wazoo … thereby making the “good” employees feel they are being “punished” because of a few bad apples in the bunch.

When we received an email with the Subject: “Please see the attached NEW policy … This policy governs how new policies are introduced/developed and/or existing policies revised/updated/obsoleted.” …

I knew then, Management had lost their mind and was an Epic Fail.

No. Really. A Policy on how to create a Policy.

I totally get that Companies and Organizations need P&P’s … but when Management has no Leadership … that’s when they start piling them on.

Then, it’s up to each Supervisor to “interpret” each of the policies and decide which employee will be “dinged” and which one won’t. 

We have 24 Policies/Procedures and a phone book size Personnel Manual that covers everything from:

How to call in sick ~ 2 pages with a couple of examples

How to call in late ~ 2 pages with 4 examples … here’s one …

** Late Arrival Policy ~ If the employee arrives more than seven minutes after the start of the nearest 1/4 hour increment, he/she may sign in at the start of the 1/4 hour increment and use accumulated vacation, personal, and/or compensatory time for each 1/4 hour beginning with their designated start time through the beginning of the 1/4 increment of sign-in or elect to be docked for the time (in 1/4 hour increments). **

It’s easier to just call in sick! Just make sure you have the numbers ready to call everybody and their brother before certain times and make sure you leave a call back number so they can get back with you if you leave a message … or something like that. I would have to study it!

Our dress code is a mile long of what’s appropriate and inappropriate …

Example …

“Body art of any type (including, but not limited to tattoos(s), foreign objects inserted under the skin, pierced, slit or forked tongue, stretched out holes in ears or dental ornamentation) is prohibited.”

Damn! Guess I have to wait until I’m 65 to get my tongue pierced, slit or forked! And I hope the foreign object inserted under the skin is still as popular! ‘Cause I’ll get that too! 

Oh … and don’t wear a coat or a casual hoody inside the building if you’re cold. It must be an “appropriate” sweater. ** But they didn’t give an example or show a picture … so you have to take your chances on what sweater you wear. And, believe me, if it’s not appropriate ….. someone will tell on you. 

Employees even volunteered to have their pictures taken wearing appropriate and inappropriate clothing … kinda like Glamour Magazine Do’s and Dont’s. 

 Oh well … What do I know. I don’t have a title or a bunch of letters after my name. And hell, even if I did … I’m so dyslexic, I’d just mix them all up anyway.