Campaigning in Ohio 

I can’t wait until the Presidential Candidates start rolling into Ohio …

They’ll be all decked out in their new plaid flannel shirts and Wrangler Jeans yelling … “Yee Haw! I love me some Ohio! … and if you vote for me … you’ll be shittin Golden Corn outcher ass in no time flat!

“Welp, I gotta stop and git me one of them there snow cones at the County Fair and shake a few calloused hands of real men … before hoppin back on my tour bus that has more amenities than you could every dream of having.”

“Shucks ~ Thanks ya’ll” 



When I was growing up … 

They didn’t call it Dyslexia …

They called it …

“You’re Stupid”

It took me for-fucking-ever to learn to tie my shoes. 

I figured it out the old fashioned way … 

Sheer determination and a butt load of practice.


Pffft … We didn’t have no stinkin Velcro. 

I also learned how to knit, crochet, macrame, quilt, cross stitch, embroider, etc ….


 My Morale Boosters Club ( MBC ) is a Success!


Long story short ~
Chapter 1  
I put together and sent my ideas for a Morale Boosters Club to Management.
I suggested asking employees to join a “Club” and do cool little things for their co-workers to boost their morale …
Basically like Random Acts of Kindness
Chapter 2
I was invited to present my ideas to all of the Supervisors.
After my presentation …
They said they were interested! 
They said, “Don’t call us … we’ll call you”.
They didn’t. 
Chapter 3
Old guy out …
New guy in.
He seemed really cool.
So I sent him a copy of my ideas ………..
Um …
I got nuthin.
Not a thing.
Dead silence.
Crickets … :: chirp, chirp, chirp ::
Personally, I kinda liked the “don’t call us” brush off better …
At least I was acknowledged.
Chapter 4
So anyway …
I finally just figured they don’t care about Morale.
*I’m a slow learner BTW*
Don’t get me wrong …
We’re thrown a few bones here and there …
Hawaiian theme lunches, free chips & salsa for Cinco DeMeyo …
And the ever popular …. FREE JEAN DAY!
But that’s just putting a Band-Aid on a gaping wound.
Chapter 5
So you might be asking yourself …
“Self … how does she think the MBC is a success? Nobody even knows what it is.”
Well … it took a Hell of a lot of courage for me to stand up in front of a room full of all the “Important People”.
The Suits, The Powers That Be … 

you know what I mean.
I had to suck up every once of courage I could muster …
I had to overcome my anxiety, nervousness, awkwardness …
And face what I dread most …
Speaking in public.
But Damn It!
I Did It!
And it feels great!
I have boosted my own Morale to better work on myself!

President and only member of the MBC