Hey “Advertising” Department!

   I took a trip down memory lane and bought a bag of Cracker Jacks.

I was totally disappointed!

The package still clearly states that there is a “FUN PRIZE INSIDE”.

Well….. Not any more.

My “FUN PRIZE” was a little piece of paper with 1997 “sports trivia” on it about the Marlins. This isn’t “FUN”. And it certainly isn’t a “PRIZE”.

I mean really? …. Is this the best that you guys can come up with for a FUN PRIZE?

Did you even TRY?

Here’s what I pictured ….. you were so totally tapped out of ideas that someone blurted out … “Hey I know … let’s just stick this stupid thing in … call it a “FUN PRIZE” …. and just go home! Nobody will even notice!”

I don’t expect a whole lot, if anything, out of companies any more …. given the fact you are totally driven by the amount of $$$$ you can bring in with as little output as possible.

But come on … when I was a kid …. you really did get a little “FUN PRIZE” inside each Cracker Jack box.

Snapple lid facts are more fun than this!! Did you know Penguins have an organ above their eyes that converts seawater to fresh water? THAT’S fun! And you get the cool “Snap” when you open the lid! And I don’t expect a PRIZE …. because Snapple didn’t advertise it on the bottle!

Why don’t you just let the “FUN PRIZE” fade away ….. just like your imagination.




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