Warning! The Jean Police Are Out!


I know this place of employment **wink wink** …. where you can occasionally wear jeans.


And this is fiercely enforced!

They even have undercover Jean Police (The JP … as I like to call them) that walk around and try to determine if anyone is wearing jeans on a non-designated jean day.

For instance …. say someone is wearing comfy dark blue corduroys on a non-designated jean day and they’re spotted by the JP (because corduroys look sooo much like jeans ~~ *sarcastic eye roll*) …

That will prompt the JP to go straight to the Supervisor of the “suspected jean wearing offender” to confirm whether or not jeans are being worn on a non-designated jean day.

And if it’s determined that the suspect is, in fact, NOT wearing jeans ….

The employee is like …. “What the Hell just happened?”

And I bet the JP is like …. “Crap! I reeally wanted to burn someone today!”

Oh well…. better luck next time JP.
Ya know….when you really think about it … it’s kinda creepy to think that somebody is checking out asses to make sure jeans aren’t being worn on non-designated jean day.





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