Hi … I’m Cheryl …. 

and apparently I can’t use Management Information Systems any more.

Here’s a recap:

First I didn’t say it and I was told someone had a problem with it.

Then I used it and I was told someone had a problem with it. 



But that’s what it’s called isn’t it?


At first I thought …. maybe I should ask for clarification on the appropriate occasion, if any, for the use of  “Management Information Systems” in lieu of the MIS acronym?

And then I thought ….. pfffft… You know what?

This isn’t even worth my time and energy.

I’ll just let it go … and let them think they “Won”.

Whatever the heck that prize might be.

Oooh…. They won. They sure showed me. ~~~ (hehehe)

Who knows. Maybe it will even put a smile on their face!

They sure could use it.


But you know what ….. even though I’m sounding all Sarcastic and Smart Ass… (because that’s what I do with this kinda stuff) …

Deep down …. I really don’t get this whole thing.

I’m just dealing with it until I hit the Lottery. 


* If people would put as much energy into building up morale as they do into tearing it down….

That would be Great.

*** Lord, give me coffee to change the things I can change, and wine to accept the things I can’t.***



Hi… I’m Cheryl and I work in the MIS dept.

That stands for Management Information Systems.

I’ve always answered the phone MIS.

It all started innocently enough…..

I was speaking with a coworker when, out of the blue, they asked me what MIS stood for. Well…. being the flighty, dyslexic, growing out and letting the grey show through the bleach blonde hair air-head that I am …. I couldn’t  think right off the bat what MIS stood for (*please note … I don’t remember ever being asked that question)  (*also please note …. the phones were ringing off the hook at the time …. and I didn’t really take the question seriously) ….. so I simply said,  “hmmmmm….. I don’t know”.

Well …. I’ll be damned …..  this person felt the need to rush off and tell my Boss’s Boss that I don’t even know where I work!

No. Really! They were serious!

Because I didn’t know what MIS stood for.

And it was taken seriously!

So, of course, my Boss told me what happened.

I was blind sided!

BTW … when my Boss asked me what MIS stood for… I was able to recite it with flying colors! 🙂

Then of course …. I kicked and screamed and thought “What the Hell?” “Really?” “What in the Hell did they get out of that?”  SMFH. Then I realized….. it’s not me. That’s the key.  I have to constantly  remind myself to read my affirmations and realize that the most miserable people and bullies are the ones who try to bring others down to their level. Misery loves company you know.

Well … guess what?  I’ve been through…. and survived … waaaay too much SHIT in my life for some  #SorryAssPatheticNitPickyGotNoLifePerson to bring me down into their misery.

So I took a few deep breaths … put on my big girl panties … saw the absurdity in all of this …. and I decided to make fun of them!

Dear Tattle Tale… 

I imagined you rubbing your grubby little hands together …. looking like a cartoon character …. all giggley with anticipation. Thinking … I can’t wait to tattle! …. I can’t wait to be a rat fink! …Wheeee….Here I go to tell! ~  I bet you peed a little too from all the excitement! Come on …. admit it. This must have been one of the highlights of your life! I mean really …. tattling is big stuff!


P.S. Even though I’m making so much fun of you right now ( because I love having an excuse to be a Sarcastic Over the Top Drama Queen )  ….. deep down … I’m really sorry that you’re so miserable. Because you don’t make it any easier on those of us who just want to make the most out of our life and work.

It’s a damn shame when women tear down other women.

I’m so Thankful knowing when I leave work … I have a happy life to go home to.

And I’m sorry you don’t.

It’s painfully obvious.


** It’s hard to find myself because I have multiple personalities! **