All Geared Up for 2015!

WOW! I’m so geared up for the New Year! My list of resolutions is a mile long! I even have some that I’ve “carried over” from a few previous years! Oh well…. I’m happy with the ones I’ve accomplished!

2014 was all about organizing, getting rid of stuff, downsizing, etc….

This year…. it’s all about ME baby! And not in that stuck up, narcissistic, I have a weird big ass so I’m better than you Kim Kardashian attitude! And who in the Hell wants to keep up with her anyway? geez.

I mean I’m going to embrace ME and all of my “quirks” and phobias and moods and personalities!

I want to be the best that I can be! Flaws and all!

I am what I am!

I am going to continue to make my life an adventure!

Woo! Hoo!

Bring on the New Year!


New Years Resolution Success!

Last year our NYR was to organize! I must say … we did quit well with that!

I was all over Pinterest and YouTube following advise from those who had some tried and true hints and tips. (check out my older posts on what worked for us!)

Some of our stand out achievements include: meal planning and menu board, using freeze ahead meals, cleaned out and organized the barn (formerly know as *the shed* until we painted it to look like a barn! hehehe), put yard/garden supplies all in an easy to get to spot (geez… we were slow learners on that one!), went through clothes, drawers, etc ….. ahhhh…. it really feels good! The more you get rid of … the less you have to hassle with!

We just did a little some days …. and full force on others! The point is we didn’t overwhelm ourselves with thinking we had to clean and organize everything in one day or weekend or even a month. We took a whole year! As all the little things started to add up … we were more motivated to keep going! We could start to see the progress and realize what a time saver and stress reducer being organized really is.

How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time!