Sweater Beds!

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Spirit writing…

During my meditation/prayer … I receive messages that I call “Spirit writings”. As I meditate/pray …
Spirit/Guides/Angels take over and I start writing. I love doing this… sometimes it’s short and sweet… sometimes it’s long, rough, scribbily and hard to read. It depends on which Spirit/Guide/Angel comes to me and how powerful the message is.

We all have Spirit/Guides/Angels that want to speak to us… to help us … to help us help others … we just need to learn to listen…. (You have to “go inside” yourself)

During my meditation/prayer today … I received this guided message and was compelled to share it ….

“You have to go thru it to appreciate it …. Hell is what you are going thru. (not where you will go)

When you realize that …. then you know you’ve already gone thru Hell and are reaching Heaven. (Acsension)

It leads you to Heaven…

I know.”