Nature is Fascinating!

So I’m picking tomatoes and find this! WTH?

I take a picture and send it off to my son… who grew up fascinated by and studied every creature that slithered and crept along the face of the Earth!

He said a Braconid Wasp laid it’s eggs inside the Hornworm caterpillar! (eww!) The white things are actually little cocoons that are getting ready to hatch! And they are very beneficial to the garden!

After the female lays her eggs in the caterpillars body (eww!) … the larva feed off the fluids (eww!) and then they chew their way through the skin of the caterpillar (eww! eww!), make little cocoons and hatch!

So each one of these little rice looking things is going to be a non-stinging Braconid Wasp that will help control caterpillars, aphids, cabbage worms, tomato hornworms and more! Yay!





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