Pictures of Cows….

Took advantage of a gorgeous hot day ….we went on a drive with camera in hand! Greg took these great shots of cows. He was actually “Mooing” trying to get their attention! A few looked up …. then they all turned their backs to him! hahahha…





The Susan G. Komen Foundation is a Bully

So I started researching the charities that Greg and I had been supporting after reading an article about the United Way…. which btw, we don’t support …. because they suck!

When I Googled Susan G. Komen Foundation … I couldn’t believe what a sh!t “charity” they’ve become!

Susan G. Komen has turned into nothing more than a fundraising machine with an agenda to wipe out any other charity who dares to use the phrase “for the cure”. Apparently.. SGK has a patent on the phrase! Yep.. they “own” the phrase “for the cure”. And if you’re a little hometown charity who has the nerve to use it for your own fundraiser…. SGK will promptly sic their “Legal Team” on you with the threat of a lawsuit!

Really? Yes! I read article after article how little hometown charities were being threatened by the “Legal Team” of SGK for using the phrase “for the cure” in their title. Oh! And they can’t use the color Pink either! … *I can’t make that crap up!*

Don’t believe me? Just ask ….

Par for the Cure
Surfing for a Cure
Cupcakes for a Cure
Mary Ann Tighe, who runs Kites for a Cure
Sue Prom, who runs Mush for the Cure, etc…

Oh … and btw… these little charities don’t have a “Legal Team” to fight back! They are just a group of caring individuals who decided to get together to raise money for their charities.

So… we are done donating money to SGK…. so they can use it to pay their “Legal Team”…. to sue other charities… that are trying to raise money “for the cure” of cancer.

Oh… great! I just said “for the cure” … hope I don’t get a nasty cease and desist letter in the mail!

R.I.P. Susan ~ I’m sorry…. I’m sure this isn’t what you intended when you asked your sister to start this for you. 😦


Please do your research before donating to any charity….