Accepting Jesus in Your Heart…

Accepting Jesus in Your Heart…

This is for all the church going, bible thumping and “I’ve accepted Jesus in my heart” Christians… The ones who still haven’t come together as a family. The ones still bickering, gossiping, backstabbing and living for drama. The ones who are so fast to judge others for not going to church.

You are missing the whole point of accepting Jesus in your heart. You don’t just accept Jesus so you can say it. You accept Him so you can live it. Live like Jesus is in your heart. Forgive people, help people, SHOW people what it feels like to have Jesus in your heart.

That’s what accepting Jesus in your heart is all about…

Namaste ~ Love and Light


Even Spiritualists Need to Vent!

No matter how hard I try to not let other people’s negative energy affect me… there are days when I get frustrated and it just builds up. So to release this negative energy… I set aside 5 – 10 minutes by myself and picture that person in front of me and say to them what I really feel …

For example…. “I’m truly sorry that your life is so miserable that you feel you have the right to be a complete obnoxious bitch. You have such a nasty attitude that other people actually loath being around you! I don’t know what in your life has caused you to be so bitter… I can’t stand to even be around your negative energy. I’ve probably been through as much, if not more, shit than you…. but I choose not to use that as an excuse to make other people’s lives miserable. My prayer for you… is that you wake up and realize that only YOU have the power to be happy. YOU have to decide to let go of every bad experience and forgive everyone in the past that has hurt you. You can choose to be happy!”

Then I literally “shake it off” …. I shake my hands and arms and wiggle around… imagining all the negative energy releasing from me! and then I feel so much better!

Getting rid of negative energy is vital to our well being!

Namaste Love and Light


My Efficient Garden

Greg and I “down sized” our garden big time this year! We went from 15 tomato plants, 8 pepper plants, corn, beans, onions, ect….and that garden was so far… you had to drag a big ass hose all the way down…. and then bring that bastard back up the hill… of all the “chores” there are to gardening…. dragging a big ass hose is one of my least favorite! So this year… I planted my “Efficient Garden”! We have 7 assorted tomato plants, 3 bell peppers, and 1 hot pepper. We have a rain barrel with a hose attached for easy watering!!!!! (and it just lays there!!), the compost buckets are next the deck, and the garden is right in front of the driveway.. it’s the first thing I see when I pull in!….So I can’t use the “outta sight ~ outta mind” excuse! We truly loved our big gardens when we had them… but we’ve decided to just relax …..

Thank you OCD for contributing to the planning of my garden …. I couldn’t have done it without you.