My OCD kicked in! YaY!

I had the day to myself and could. not. get. motivated. So I went around the house trying to get my OCD to kick in. I tried going through a stack of recipes to get them organized ~ no, not in the mood. I tried pulling stuff out of a corner in the bedroom (that I desperately need to organize) ~ no, not in the mood. And then…… I looked at the bed and thought…. well, I might as well put the sheets in the laundry room, and the mattress pad, and the pillow protectors, and the throw rug! Bingo! Spring Cleaning! Why not? It’s almost Spring isn’t it? And I will be way ahead of the game.

So I tore everything off the bed, dusted, swept, mopped, cleaned the baseboards! Whew! That’s what I’m talkin’ about!

I still have the stuff in the corner to deal with …. but I feel another OCD moment coming on soon!



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