How we treat others….

“The way we treat another in our relationships is a direct reflection on how we feel about ourselves. The way we treat a stranger is also a reflection of how one feels about themselves. People who don’t lovethemselves cannot give or receive love because they have not felt their own love within their being. They end up creating out of their pain-body and projecting/directing that pain towards one another because of this lack of Self love. What we do to another being is also what we are doing to ourselves. If we hurt another, we will soon come to realize that we have actually hurt ourselves more. When someone truly loves himself or herself, for who they are, they have no desire to hurt another, be envious of another, or be critical and abusive… When someone loves himself or herself they also will not accept this kind of abusive behavior given to them. Someone who truly loves themselves from the heart would radiate unconditional love from within and treat all beings as they would themselves, knowing all are ONE.” ~ Abigail LoveLight



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