All this from a pillow case!

I bought a set of Mickey Mouse pillow cases from Goodwill a while back. I knew I would end up finding a use for them!

Sara had surgery to correct a hernia and I made her a little tote bag with some goodies…

I cut the pillow case to make the “tote” smaller. I added a draw string and made a little pillow out of the left over fabric. Then I made a “rice heating pad” out of the extra Mickey Mouse fabric. The mini sheep pillow is salvaged from fabric when I was practicing making French knot sheep.

I’m happy to report …. Sarah came through with flying colors!




Brighten Someone’s Day!

I picked up several of these little glass jars with wire lids at Pat Catan’s when they were on sale. I’ve had them forever and finally figured out what to do with them! I was practicing making Yo-yo’s and had all these Yo-yo’s laying around…… Click!!

I made Lavender Bath Salts!

I just put Epsom salt and a few drops of Lavender oil in the jars. I hot glued the Yo-yo’s to the lids and added vintage buttons. I happened to save (because I’m a hoarder) a box that had little jars of jelly in it and they fit perfectly! See… that’s why I never throw anything away!

Anyway… I had Greg take them to the Cancer Center to give out. He’s taken stuff for me before for the patients, but Greg thought it would be a great idea to give something to the staff! After all, they see a lot a “tough stuff” in their job every day. He said he was glad he did … they were so tickled and really appreciated it!

It doesn’t take a lot to brighten someone else’s day …. : )



Candied Orange Peels

I only make these around Christmas. They really aren’t hard to make …. just a little time consuming …. but so worth it! The orange flavor in the peel is amazing.

I use as a guide the directions on a YouTube video “How to make candied orange peels” CookingwithRosetta

I bought these awesome tins on clearance sale at Joann Fabrics. I just lined them with waxed paper and filled them with the candied orange peels! They make a nice impressive gift!

Trust me….. try these!







Seared Scallops Are Yummy and Easy to Make!

Greg and I love scallops but I was never confident enough to make them. I was afraid they would be raw or rubbery… they just didn’t look easy for some reason!

Well, I’m always up to a “challenge” and to try new things…. so off to YouTube I went and searched “How to make the best seared scallops”. The minute I saw a video by Ming Tsai from Simply Ming …. I smiled and knew I would be an expert at seared scallops!

They truly are so simple to make! Just make sure the scallops are patted dry, (wet scallops won’t get that nice sear), get a pan nice and hot, pour your oil in (the oil will “dance” to let you know it’s hot enough), add scallops and let sear without moving them for approx 2 minutes. When they are nice and seared, turn with tongs and let sear for about 30 seconds. You want them about medium.

That’s it! Perfect Seared Scallops!

Impress yourself and try them!