My Solution to the Avalanche of Plastic Containers

Hi… I’m Cheryl and I’m Addicted to Plastic Containers.

Every time we wanted a container we had to fight to find the right lid for the right container. We’d end up pulling most of them out all over the floor before throwing them back in the cupboard. What a frustrating waste of time!

So I went on a mission to find a solution…

First I started by gathering ALL my containers… ( the picture is only about half of what I had accumulated, gulp! ) I sorted them into 3 piles…. keep, give away, recycle/trash. That, by the way, is the Holy Trinity of clearing clutter!

I found a blog that suggested buying all the same brand/type containers. Geez… really? Why didn’t I think of that! So I bought 2 boxes of assorted size containers. I also bought 3 plastic utility pans to store them in. The total was less than $30! The utility pans fit perfectly in my cupboard! Yay! One holds the large and medium containers and one has the assorted smaller containers. The best thing is, one size lid fits both the large and medium containers, and one size fits the assorted smaller containers…. so no matter what container and lid I grab out of the utility pan… IT FITS!! The third utility pan holds the assorted good containers that I decided to keep. I now put those away with the lids on so it makes it easier to grab one.

We’ve been using this system for a few weeks and love it! No more avalanche of plastic falling on the floor when we open the cupboard!




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