I now have the cleanest frickin’ refrigerator on the block! Whew.. Glad that’s over with……



I Spoil My Cats So Much ….

They have different strains of catnip!

If you’ve ever grown catnip, you know it can take over your garden! ( it’s a member of the mint family ) When a “new batch” pops up somewhere in the yard/garden …. I just let it grow and harvest it.

psst… I’m not sure if there’s really any difference in the batches, but I like to keep them separate … just in case! See. I told you I spoil my cats!

You can put some fuzzy toy mice in the catnip to “marinade” for a while. Your cats will love it!

**You can never have too much catnip….. just ask my cats… they’ll tell ya!



Baked Potato Make Over…

The next time you have baked potatoes… throw in a couple extra ones to make fried potatoes for another dinner or for breakfast! …. Fried potatoes and eggs? Yes please!

Anyway, I just peel some of the skin off, cut them in cubes and fry them in a little oil with onion, garlic, salt and pepper. I throw some parsley on right at the end for a little color.



Wind and Willow BLT Mix Review ….

So far, everything I’ve made from these mixes has been a hit and this one is no exception! The other day I tried The BLT Cheese Ball and Appetizer Mix. You just add cream cheese and a little butter. (When it said butter is “optional” … I just laughed and laughed. Butter is never an option for me… I put it in everything I can.)

This is just mix, shape and roll in seasoning mix. Add some crackers, you’re done!

How easy is that? ….. Enjoy!

I’m getting some for stocking stuffer gifts.



Easy “Jazzed Up” Oreo Cookies!

I needed a quick, easy and tasty little desert for my get together this past weekend. While cleaning out my freezer (finally), I found a box of white chocolate covered Oreo cookies and a Hershey candy bar. I had some “fall leaves” sprinkles from last year. I simply melted the chocolate, put a dab on the Oreo, then pressed it into the sprinkles and Voila!

I’m definitely buying more of these Oreo’s! Just imagine the decorating possibilities!

Yikes!! I’m gonna need more sprinkles