Grammies Cherry Cookies Recipe

I love making quick drop cookies! This recipe is from my new book “Simple Gifts – 50 Little Luxuries to Craft, Sew, Cook & Knit” by Jennifer Worick.

350. 10-15 min. Makes 3 doz

1 C butter, room temp
2 C flour
1 tsp salt
6 Tbls sugar, plus extra to sprinkle on
2 tsp vanilla
1 to 1 1/2 C candied cherries, chopped
1 C chopped nuts

Cream butter & sugar together. Add flour, salt, & vanilla.

With spoon, fold in cherries & nuts.

Drop by spoonful on cookie sheet, flatten with fork, sprinkle with extra sugar ( I used Sparkling sugar ).

Bake until edges begin to brown.

* put nuts in a ziplock baggie and use a rolling pin to break them up

* I always use a cookie scoop to measure drop cookies. That way all the cookies bake evenly.






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