Basic Pan Sauce ..

This is so easy to make … and adds so much flavor.

It’s great drizzled over pan seared steaks.

You can jazz it up with a spoonful of Dijon Mustard or a few dashes of Worcestershire sauce.





Parsley … It’s not just for garnish.

Here are a few ideas to use Parsley …

Brighten up your meatloaf … parsley adds a peppery taste

Top your Frittata with chopped Parsley before popping it in the oven

Jazz up bottled salad dressing

Toss french fries with garlic & Parsley




Dragon’s Blood Jasper …

I went to one of my favorite shops in Yellow Springs … House of Ravenwood … and was drawn to this stone …

Dragon’s Blood Jasper is used for grounding and centering in the beginning of a meditation ritual. … According to ancient legend, Dragon’s Blood Jasper is believed to be the remains of deceased dragons, with the green of the stone meant to be the skin and the red being the blood.